If you’re tired of seeing perfect people do impossible yoga poses, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Yoga For Normal People.

I am a Yoga Alliance Certified, Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level. I have more than 300 hours of teaching time under my belt and teach privates as well as public classes in California. In addition, I have nearly 100 hours of training with some of the most skilled teachers in the country including Christina Sell and Senior Iyengar Teacher, Carrie Owerko.   I currently teach at a few local studios in the South Bay.

Previously, I taught at the YMCA of Austin and worked as a corporate instructor with ShapeUp Corporate Fitness. If you’re interested in taking a class with me and happen to be in the area, check out my current schedule of studio classes, here.

I’m all about making yoga accessible to everyone regardless of size, ability, body shape, age, location, economic status, or strength. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or you’ve never even unrolled a yoga mat, you are welcome.

Through teaching, writing, and interacting with you via social, I aim to empower your journey toward personal growth and well-being.  My goal is to inspire ease in moments of dis-ease, give you confidence in moments of doubt,  and offer a sense of possibility that sticks with you long after you have left class, stopped reading, or stopped watching on YouTube.

Poke around, see what this is all about, and feel free to join in the ongoing conversation about the incredible practice of yoga.